Story full of tears and end with happiness

At a time when have a pair of lovers who love each other. They had promised to be with forever. They often share the joy and sorrow. When his girlfriend feel sad. he will feel the grief. When he feel happy. Then his girlfriend will also feel happy. They always have the same feelings. However, there is someone who feels jealous of their relationship.

The conflict starts to arise. One night, he had just returned home from university. While he starting the engine car, the man saw a female student who appearance unhealthy. He was out from the car and go help the girl. Actually, the girl is his classmate. He helps her to send her to home.

next morning, his girlfriend received a letter. In the envelope, there are some pictures. suddenly his girlfriend shed tears when she saw that pictures.

The picture was taken by a person when he sent the girls last night. his girlfriend contact him and asked to meet. They met at Nam-gu. He waited for his girlfriend at Nam-gu, and when his girlfriend came, he gave a happy smile on his girlfriend. But his girlfriend did not smile. His girlfriend showed him that pictures. He did not have time to explain everything because his girlfriend continued to cry and said.

His girlfriend : I believe you, but this picture make me upset with you, Stop to see me, I will go if it what you want.

Him : No`~

(he can’t say anything because his mouth suddenly locked.)

His girlfriend : Hope you happy with your life.

Then his girlfriend go from there.

Several days had passed. He tried to contact his girlfriend, but no answer. He also tried to find his girlfriend everywhere, but he failed to find her.

a week has passed. He could not sleep well and eat well because he was feeling lost. She lived with her sister at Incheon. his sister and his brother-in-law began reprimand his behavior, which is very different from himself. Until one day. His sister forced him to go on vacation so he smiled back. His friends also began to worry about him.

In an evening. He went out to the store. He drove himself with his feelings that are still disordered.

Something unexpected has happened. He has been involved in road accidents. It was very badly. He became lost control. (no need to explained how the incident)

He was taken to hospital for treatment. He was unconscious for two days. His family from Seoul came to visit him. Although he was unconscious, but he could feel that many people hope so that he will recover.

After two days. He had conscious and he saw many family members who are behind him. Everyone started to cry because of happiness. But he was crying because of sadness. He is hoping that he can be see the face of his girlfriend at that time. But all that began to teach him. He remains grateful that he was still alive, although he did not know how long he can be survive.

the next day. His friends came to visit. And they brought many smiles to him. He was very happy. one of his colleagues said.

Jae-in: we also have brought someone else today?

Him: Who? My grandparents? kkk

Jae-in: Wait … she outside. I will bring her in..

Jae-in brought a girl into the ward. That girl is his girlfriend.

The situation became silent and his colleagues out from the ward. His girlfriend approached to his bed and hold his hand while shed tears.

His girlfriend: I’m sorry.

He: I never considered you wrong.

His girlfriend: Now I know the truth.

His girlfriend continued to cry. He tries to sit on the bed and hugged his girlfriend.

His days be cheerful.

Every day, his girlfriend will accompany him in the ward. Always give him the spirit.

One day. In the morning. While he alone in the ward. Suddenly, he felt hard to breathe. Doctor came to his room to check his condition. After he was examined. His condition returned to normal. Doctor has told him that his lungs, sometimes fail to function properly due to a strong shock that occurs on the chest. and this will cause he sometimes hard to breathe.

He appealed to the doctor so as not to tell the matter to anyone including his family.

But the doctor still want to tell his family because it is a good way for him.

He does not want anyone to worry about him. But now, His family knew about his condition, including his girlfriend.

Doctor has decided to ask him to stay longer at hospital so that he can be restored. He will undergo surgery according to the time set.

All his family never abandoned him even every second. He was happy but his heart is still confused.

His girlfriend spends a lot of time with him until she was willing to leave her class.

Confusion in his heart, make him make his own decision.

During the lunch break. His girlfriend come to bring food. As usual, his girlfriend will feed him porridge. Each bite, he looked into the eye of his girlfriend. He suddenly, holding his girlfriend’s hand and talk to her.

Him: I can’t make you happy. Go you leave me so that your life happier.

His girlfriend: What are you talking about?. I would never have to leave you in this condition.

Him: I don’t want to see your tears fall again because of me.

His girlfriend: no. because of me you be like this. I will never leave you. You don’t love me anymore?

Him: I really love you. I just want you to be happy. I was disappointed you. then your happiness will make me go in peace.

His girlfriend: You will not go anywhere. and I will not go. Everything will be back to normal. I do not like to see you give up.

They shed tears. He continued to hold his girlfriend’s hand. Then his girlfriend hugged him so that he felt calm.

His girlfriend : I will never go from your side. Please don’t ask me to leave you.

Him : Thanks for everythings. I’m sorry…I’m sorry. I feel very confuse with my feeling now. I will love you forever.

His girlfriend : Everythings gonna be okay. Don’t think badly.

Him : I hope to be always with you.

His girlfriend : You will.

Day after day passed. Days to surgery was arranged on that day. He had undergone surgery. the operation be carried out in a few hours and finally all safe. He still unconscious. Breathing apparatus is still installed.

After he got up from a coma, then he can feel very happy smile When he saw his girlfriend and all his family.

His condition is getting better but he was asked to stay on hospital for several months so that His condition is under control after surgery.

Now, no more crying. just a smile that shines on his face. He happy with his girlfriend and his family.


Writer : Lee Hyuk Min (My Cute Oppa)