BOYFRIEND’s Minwoo reveals his chocolate abs !

BOYFRIEND‘s Minwoo is receiving much attention after revealing his chocolate abs.

A post surfaced on an online community board stating, “Boyfriend’s Minwoo! He’s a devious character as he has these kind of abs with his face!“, along with a snapshot taken at the filming site.

As Minwoo reveals his hidden chocolate abs, fellow member Jungmin looks on, seemingly unable to take his eyes off Minwoo.

Fans commented, “Is this for real?“, “He has a baby face, but wow!“, and “Minwoo’s abs are daebak“.

In related news, BOYFRIEND will be making a comeback on June 14th with a new mini album, ‘LOVE STYLE‘.


[B.F:민우]여러부운…!!드디어보이프렌드가돌아왔습니다ㅇㅅㅇ!!!열심히준비했으니까많은관심과기대부탁드리구요14일에만나요!!아!티저에같이나온귀여운꼬마친구정말춤잘추더라구요…보구싶네ㅎ열심히하겠습니다!지켜봐주세요~ [출처: 보이프렌드 공식트위터 2012. 06. 12.]

[MinWoo] Finally, BOYFRIEND is back!! We’ve been working so hard for this, please don’t forget to show us your love and support as always! We will see you guys on the 14th! BTW, the little girl in the video, she is a really great dancer… We will do our best! Promise~ [from Boyfriend’s official twitter @G_Boyfriend, on 12th Jun

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