NU’EST’s Ren and Minhyun to walk the runway for ‘Seoul Fashion Week’

NU’EST‘s Ren and Minhyun will be walking the runway at the ‘F/W 2012-2013 Seoul Fashion Week‘!

On April 5th, Pledis Entertainment revealed that the two were selected as models for designer Park Yoon Soo‘s fashion show, ‘Big Park‘. Despite being just a month into their debut, the boys will be walking the runway on April 7th at the Olympic Park in Seoul.

Park Yoon Soo is known for working exclusively with A-list stars like Kang Dong Won, Cha Seung Won, and Jang Yoon Joo. The fact that he’s enlisted the help of idols definitely says that Ren and Minyun are an exceptional case.

Officials commented, “Ren and Minhyun’s tall heights and impressive visuals were deemed as worthy to stand on the runway with other models.”

Source + Photos: Star N News via Naver