SISTAR (씨스타) releases “Alone” video teaser featuring Hyorin!

SISTAR has just released their second video teaser featuring member Hyorin for their upcoming first mini album “Alone” scheduled to be released on April 12th!

Much like the first teaser with Bora, the teaser video features various shots of Las Vegas and Hyorin looking very seductive and attractive while wearing accessories in a car. You can also hear her say, “I’m falling down“.

Brave Brothers, who previously produced hit tracks like “So Cool” and “Ma Boy” for the group, worked with SISTAR for their upcoming new album as well.

FOR see the video 🙂



Credit : Allkpop



SISTAR releases teaser images of Hyorin

Earlier todaySISTAR unveiled their latest video teaser featuring main vocalist Hyorin through their official Youtube and Facebook page for their title track, “Alone“.

Proving to be just as glamorous as ever, the teaser emphasized Hyorin’s beautiful figure with a tight dress and sparkling accessories that made her shine. Despite being dressed up to the T, Hyorin looked as if she was holding down her loneliness and pain.

Check out more teaser images of her stunning transformation below as you wait for SISTAR’s return with their Brave Brothers produced track.

Their mini-album drops on April 12th!

Credit : Allkpop