Fact about TeenTop


1. C.A.P. enjoys writing his own rap section.
2. L.joe kiss Chunji
3. Niel had suffered a knee injury.
4. Changjo height is too high for children 15 years is 177 cm.
5. CAP is an ideal girl Jihyun 4 Minute, Ricky’s ideal girl is Hyomin T-Ara, and girls and Niel is ideal Chunji Song Yuri.
6. L. Joe went to America and lived in California at the age of 12 years and returned to Korea at the age of 17 years
7.CAP told: “Your face is too small, for a human being”
8. L. Joe likes to make people upset, especially Niel and Ricky when they are playing games.
9. The average age was 16.3 years Teen Top .- “When I became an adult, I want to fall in love …” – Niel
10. Niel RickJoe jealous, when they’re practicing their kissing scene in Mnet Japan, Elle Photoshoot Joe L. .- The first kiss is Ricky.
11. The most active member Niel and speaking is the quietest member is Changjo.
12. Chunji like Jessica.
13. L. Joe’s nickname is BYEONGARI.
14. Joe L. has never dated before, so faked girlfriend Hanbich on Mnet Scandal, is the first.
15. L. Joe never ran away from home
16. Changjo not have sharp jaw line.
17. The first pair is Joe L. Niel, then he went to Ricky and Chunji.
18. High Changjo and Niel same that is 1 cm shorter than the CAP
19. Chunji have abs.
20. Niel say “rough” and “reveal” with “Lough” and “lebeal” (should learn to l.joe)
21. CAP select the “CAP” as his name because he liked to wear them. (Cap)
22. Chunji phone and there is a sticker pink ‘hello kitty’ on it.
23. Ricky is maknae false and always claim to be maknae although Changjo is maknae real.
24. L. Joe is the shortest member in Teen Top.
25. One member, usually the leader of CAP, says “start now” in English as a cue for the introduction – Teen Top “hello, we’re emotional teen pop band, Teen Top!”
26. Meet fans in person, as in fansign, make Ricky happy.
27. Movement raised her shoulders in a dance called Supa Luv “kkadonam Chum”, dancing the rough and arrogant man.
28. Dance Movement “Lika’s supa Fantasy” Supa Luv named Ricky in the Matrix dance.
29. When filming the MV for Supa Luv, Ricky cold despite wearing vests and named himself as a “healthy boy” while flexing his biceps.
30. At first appearance on the radio Top Teen, DJ Joe L. Narsha asked to say a brief speech in English but she was too nervous to do so.
31. While living in America, using his real name Joe L., Lee Byeonghyun, but the people around him call him Joe.
32. CAP said Andy Shinhwa teach them directly before entering draftee, and he always supports the Teen Top, so they are always grateful and feel stronger.
33. Chunji ideal type is SNSD’s Yuri. He thinks Yuri is very beautiful.
34. Seeing her acting role in a parody of Teen Top Hyunbin in the drama Secret Garden, Ricky is very shy, she put her fingers in her ears and turned away.
35. Niel said the lyrics ‘Supa Luv’ is about a girl’s statement to the rule. “No one like me who can give you a greater love!”
36. The only person who uses his real name as his stage name at the Teen Top is Niel.Niel is short for Daniel, her first name.
37. Chunji stage name means to have a voice that covers heaven and earth.
38. CAP think it troublesome to lead a group of young children at a young age. He felt it was quite exhausting.
39. Ricky said Teen Top hyungs treat him very well and Changjo.
40. According to L. Joe, is their Top Teen charms like sparkling. He said that while they are young, they have the charisma on stage.
41. In live performances Supa Luv, Ricky said that he was too eager to bend his back even lower in the Matrix dance movements, sometimes the legs can be twisted.
42. Changjo would like to thank the fans for supporting them day after day. CAP would like to thank every fan to always love Teen Top and every person who signed up on their Korean fancafe, Andromeda.
43. When filming the music video for Supa Luv, when L. Joe and Ricky to introduce them at the camera location, CAP shouting “awkward” in the back.
44. When Brown Eyed Girl Narsha asked if Ricky knows how old he is, he sheepishly replied “twice my age ..”
45. Since Ricky has a cute image and fun at the Teen Top, he ended up using Ricky as his stage name, this name helps you imagine these things perfectly. His real name is Yu Changhyun ..
46. If you unify and Chunji Changjo name together, “chunji changjo”, meaning “the creation of the heavens and the earth”.
47. When Teen Top guest on radio Narsha Brown Eyed Girl, says she is ideally Changjo Narsha.
48. CAP first started rapping in high school.
49. CAP chose Eminem’s “When I’m Gone” as a song for her memories. It was the first rap song he did in high school.
50. A month after the debut of Teen Top, when asked about who would become a popular member of the Teen Top if they appear at a show, Ricky replied “Everyone is actively talking, so if we go on a show, we will all be popular!
51. Ideal girl L. Joe is a senior at the school, 4minute’s Hyuna. He did not often see him at school but when they meet, they greet each other.
52. Ricky said Niel gave the impression the best out of all the members when they first met. He said he gave a feeling of a friendly and mischievous, that really attract the attention of Ricky.
53. To reduce stress with a hectic schedule, Ricky said to “smile”. He also take vitamins every day and most importantly, keep in touch with his family!
54. Stage name L. Joe, “L. Joe “is an acronym for his nickname in the United States, Joe, and last real name, Lee. Joe Lee, L. Joe!
55. Teen Top practicing their debut song “Clap” for about 3-4 months before their debut.
56. Chunji said he wanted to be like the main actor “High School Musical”, Zac Efron if he ever gets a chance.
57. When asked what role he wants to challenge, CAP replied, Eminem in the movie “8 Mile”, because he really liked it .- A month after the debut of Teen Top, when asked about the changes he experienced within a month, Chunji replied that he grow taller.
58. When asked about a member of the gentleman at the Teen Top, the answer to Ricky namely CAP and added that “he looks like he is really cool.
59. Ljoe who is a member of the smartest teen top the English Idioms.
60. changjo: I started dancing in the fifth grade. Previously I have never danced at all. I continued to dance until now to finally dream of becoming a singer at the time of junior high. I love the Big Bang Taeyang-Sunbaenim because he has the ability to express dance on stage ”
61. changjo: “I learned Jeolkwondo and Taekwondo. When I was younger I also dream of being a bodyguard. So I thought I’d be a bodyguard or a dancer if I did not become a singer ”
62. changjo: “I’m definitely going to the mini market, clothing stores and shoe stores. The reason is that when you have to eat or wash the dishes, Minimart quite helpful, and a reason to store clothes and shoe shops is that although I was on a desert island I want to wear nice clothes and shoes for dancing ‘