NU’EST’s Baekho shares an adorable photo of Minhyun with his niece


A heartwarming photo of Minhyun with his niece has captured the hearts of NU’EST fans because of the “family guy” image the member exudes.

NU’ESTs Baekho recently updated his me2day with the photo above and wrote, “Yo! Our Minhyun is holding a baby.. How cute!! I somehow get the ‘sweet and attentive uncle’ vibe from him.. Uncle!” Minhyun is seen affectionately holding his niece in his arms, showing a different side to the idol.

Followers who came across the photo commented, “He looks so comfortable with kids!” “His niece is so cute, I’m jealous,” and “The two look so adorable.

Source & Photo: Baekho’s me2day


NU’EST to have their own reality program


Fans will now have a chance to get to know hot rookie group NU’EST better as the boys will become the stars of a new reality program, ‘Making of a Star NU’EST: Landing Operation‘, on MBC Music.

On their new reality program, the boys will be visitng various parts of the country to capture the hearts of fans, as well as carrying out various missions together with their fans.

‘Making Of a Star NU’EST: Landing Operation’ is scheduled to air its first episode on March 21st at 7pm KST.

Meanwhile, NU’EST has received explosive amount of interest after the release of their debut track ‘FACE‘ on March 15th and has been the #1 most searched on various portal sites.


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TEEN TOP’s Niel reveals another concept photo

Following the release of their teaser music video and album jacket photo, TEEN TOP has returned with another concept photo!

On December 29th, Niel wrote on the group’s official me2day, “I’m revealing another new picture thanks to your response! This one’s for everyone that was upset that they didn’t see me in the teaser yesterday. This one includes Niel. Haha, cool, right! Look forward to our SBS Gayo Daejun stage tonight!”

Dressed in clean black suits, the boys add a futuristic element with headphones and sunglasses, looking as if they’re communicating with the outer world.

Netizens commented, “Totally looking forward to this comeback,” and “Is this for the album or the Gayo Daejun? So curious!”

Source + Photos: TEEN TOP’s Official Me2day

TEEN TOP members start a new school semester


Idol group TEEN TOP‘s ‘uniform selca’ is drawing the attention of netizens.

Ricky and L.Joe of TEEN TOP who started a new school semester shared the photos above to express their nervous jitters of going back to school.

L.Joe who wore a red hoodie with his uniform top wrote, “I went to school!! Today is the first day of a new semester ^^ I hope everyone will make lots of new friends and will enjoy their school lives.”

Ricky on the other hand wore a neat yellow uniform jacket and wrote, “Back to school today!!! The beginning of a new semester of a new grade! Was excited to go to school today haha.

Fans who were proud to see the boys were so studious wrote, “TEEN TOP looks good in their uniforms“, “I want to go to the same school. Jealous of their classmates!”, and more.

In related news, the TEEN TOP members are preparing for their goodbye performances on ‘Music Core‘ & ‘Inkigayo‘ to wrap up promotions for their second mini-album.

What would you grade TEEN TOP on their second mini-album promotions?

Source & Image: XportsNews via Nate

TEEN TOP completes their first fan meet in Taiwan


Now that they’ve created a position for themselves in the Korean market, the boys of TEEN TOP are steadily increasing their activities overseas. Their recent stop? Their first fan meeting in Taiwan!

On March 11th, TEEN TOP updated their official Twitter with a new group photo and the message, “First fan meeting in Taiwan! Totally daebak. It was fun, see you again. We’ll be back before you know it.”

Posing like the cuties we know they are, the boys show off their various gifts like selca collages and placards with personal messages.

Netizens commented, “Lucky Taiwanese fans“, “I feel happy that they had a fun time“, and “Cutie members! What an adorable picture“.

Source + Photos: TEEN TOP’s Official Twitter

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TEEN TOP’s Chunji snaps a handsome selca


TEEN TOP’s Chunji is making hearts race with his handsome selca.

On January 20th, Chunji shared a new photo through TEEN TOP’s official Twitter along with a short message saying, “My Angel ♥”.

TEEN TOP’s fan base, ‘Angel‘, swooned over this dedication to them and complimented Chunji for his mature style. The 19-year-old rocked a cute, mischievous look for “No More Perfume On You“, but has since adopted a more sophisticated fashion.

Fans replied, “You look so handsome” and “I love your hair color”.

TEEN TOP has been receiving lots of love for their song “Going Crazy”, which became the number one most downloaded ringtone in Korea.

Source & Image: TEEN TOP’s official Twitter

TEEN TOP hilariously parodies ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun’

TEEN TOP, who recently made headlines for their childhood photos, are gaining attention once again for their reenactment of Korea’s favorite drama ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun.’

While filming for Mnet‘s ‘The Secret Island‘, TEEN TOP was given a mission to transform into comedic characters and act out a parody of ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun.’ Snapshots of the boys carrying out their mission have found their way online and have become a hot topic.

In the first photo, Ricky, who is dressed as Lee Hwon, seems to be giving it his all into his acting, while L.Joe shyly portrays Yeon Woo with his head bowed and face covered.

The other boys were more comedic in their reenactments, as in the second photo Changjo is seen with a pink plastic toy hammer in his hand, which seems to be at odds with his demure court lady costume; Niel portrays his version of Lee Hwon with a pig mask.

In the third photo, we see Chunji dressed as Yeon Woo with ‘yeonji gonji‘ (traditional Korean rouge brides normally wear in circle shapes on their cheeks and forehead) on his face, and an eye-catching bright blue ribbon on his head. C.A.P. smiles brightly at the camera with his arms spread wide, as if to show off his ‘gonryongpo‘ (Korean king’s costume).

TEEN TOP’s episode of ‘The Secret Island’ is highly anticipated as the boys are said to have put their own spin during their overnight trip on the reality show, and revealed their honest feelings, competitive natures, and their sense of unity within the group.

Catch the episode on Mnet on February 29th at 5PM KST!

Source + Image: Chosun viaNaver